Oreo turned 35 today.  And for that, we gave him a Wendy's hamburger.

A wise, smaller older brother

He got about half of it down before Holly swooped in and devoured the rest.

In his honor, I pulled his file out to see what sort of anecdote, if any, I could share on his birthday.  Amidst the old vet records and the original receipts of his purchase, I found his "Certificate of Pedigree."

As it turns out, there are two possible fathers and two possible mothers that could be his parents.

Oreo's father is either "Circus Candy Man" or "Bronco Billy."

His mother could be "Princess Deville" or Unique Dandy."

Who comes up with this stuff?

Well Oreo, wherever and whomever you came from, we love you very much.


Andrew Artemenko is a marketing professional who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

You are more likely to find him online than outdoors. And his entourage includes a little girl, two crazy dogs and a hot mama.


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